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 Mexican food made from scratch!  Con Sabor! 

Inside Mi Rancho



When you step in to Mi Rancho, the first smiling face you will probably see is that of Blanca Mendoza. She started as a server, and has been getting to customers for over a decade now. She worked her way up as a manger, became General Manager in 2019, and recently bought out the restaurant partners. Now as co-owner, Blanca is passionate about bringing Mexican culture to the table. We see the influence of her travels around the restaurant, and the influence of her grace under pressure in her well-trained staff.


Meet the dynamic couple duo of Mi Rancho:  Blanca Mendoza & Wilbert Saucedo.  Together they have transformed the restaurant into the  inviting space it is today.  Complete with a new tequila bar, the renovations abound with decor of warm wood and solid stone, metaphors of the heartfelt connection and unwavering commitment to each other and their restaurant dream:  to bring the authentic flavors of Mexico to their hometown.  They sincerely invite you to share in their offerings and hospitality at Mi Rancho.



As a young dishwasher of 16 in California, Wilbert might never imaged the turn his life would take. After working his way from server to prep cook to head cook and general manager, Wilbert knew he wanted more. So he packed up and hit the streets of Mexico, where he says “you find the real Mexican cuisine.” He has studied with artisan vendors and great chefs alike to find his own style that he describes as upscale Mexican cuisine. Always open to new ideas, co-owner Wilbert is ever-inventing fresh and authentic recipes to recreate those street flavors of Mexico.


We are honored to be a part of the Bemidji and greater Lakes Area Community; it is a privilege to be welcomed by the Bemidji Chamber of Commerce as a part of the local business collective. Everyone is welcome in our restaurant, and we are proud to share our food and drinks, our service, and our hearts with each guest who passes through our doors.



We are so excited to unveil the recent renovations here at Mi Rancho Bemidji. We have reconstructed the entire bar area to make room for our new craft cocktails, house-infused juices, and amazing collection of tequilas! In addition to our new logo and signage, the remainder of the restaurant will soon be redesigned too!


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